Please find in the following pages names and descriptions of the organizations by which we are certified. The certifications are renewed annually, so we permanently maintain their requested standards.


Rose producersFairTradecertified.
GmbH is a limited company that coordinates all tasks and processes all information related to the inspection and certification of producers and trade. Operating independently from any other interests, it follows the international ISO standard for certification bodies (ISO 65).
The mission of FLO-CERT is to provide market access at fair and sustainable conditions for products grown by farming cooperatives and agricultural workers in disadvantaged regions of the Southern hemisphere, and to coordinate the certification and verify that products with the FLO quality label are produced and sold in accordance with international standards of fair trade.
This includes among other things:
– Fair trade fosters sustainable development. It strives for social justice, economic development, environmental protection and the maintenance of cultural diversity.
– The social and environmental standards that fair trade strives for comply with national law and the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO).
– Fair trade premium for the execution of community projects.
Products are grown in accordance with strict standards (social and environmental) to guarantee premium quality.
Rosas del Monte and Inversiones Ponte Tresa have been credited as FLO-CERT farms since 2004, for the moment Picasso Roses is not fair trade certified.


The Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition (BASC) is a cooperation program between the private sector and national and international organizations, created to promote a secure global supply chain.
The companies that form BASC are periodically audited and warrant their products and services are produced and delivered under strict security controls and monitored at every step of the transportation process, using a range of security systems and processes. BASC membership emphasizes our companies’ commitment to expand control of its business environment and control those factors that affect the interests of our customers.


Las empresas del grupo Ponte Tresa Roses, están dedicadas a la producción y exportación de rosas de alta calidad y están comprometidas en minimizar los riesgos de sus operaciones y que estas sean afectadas por factores externos como el terrorismo y contrabando de drogas, para la comercialización de sus productos cumpliendo con estándares de seguridad y control, manteniendo un personal motivado y comprometido con la seguridad, la prevención de actividades ilícitas, corrupción y soborno, el cumplimiento de orden legal y el compromiso de la empresa con la mejora continua.


Is the environmental partner certified of Expoflores, A self-management program that strives to reach the fulfillment of social and environmental standars in floral farms in Ecuador.
FlorEcuador® promotes the continual improvement of managing the social and environmental performance. It integrates the control of the impact of its activities and products upon the environment with the management of the social welfare of the organizations. Thanks to our certificate, when you buy a flower you can be sure that the team that produced it has worked in the best conditions and that they have been being cared for and respected so they can deliver to you, the world’s most beautiful flower.