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Who we are

We are a business group, whose mission is to grow premium roses for an exclusive market and ensure our customers a pre and post-sales service of the highest quality.
We are proud to be trading partners with our customers, which is why we respond with flexibility to their specific requirements regarding our product, and provide the best logistics solutions.

How we handle our business

Our strict quality control systems at each stage of the process, along with the high degree of individual and group responsibility of our workforce, ensures a product that meets the highest standards of quality and the most demanding market requirements.

Group members

Our group started in 1985, initially with 2 farms Rosas del Monte S.A. and Inversiones Ponte Tresa S.A.
The farms are located approximately 100 km north of the city of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, in the San Pablo del Lago, Tabacundo and Cayambe areas.
These areas are exceptionally suited for quality rose growing because of the altitude, soil, weather conditions, and the almost 12 hours of sunlight they receive daily.
On October 2011 the companies where purchased by a Swiss investor, Mr. Thomas Rutz who is the principal shareholder of the group.
Mr. Daniel Hidalgo who was one of the previous owners of the farms also holds part of the actual shares and is in charge of the presidency of the companies.
On January 2012, the farm Picasso Roses CiaLtda was absorbed by the group and as a result we dispose now of around 31 productive hectares and a vast range of varieties to offer to our customers.
All three farms are under the same management and the same quality standards apply to all the group.



It is our goal to be the best producers of high quality roses and to provide the best customer service to the most demanding markets. We have placed strict quality control systems to help us achieve this goal.


We have a very experienced and highly dedicated group of workers. Their permanent training is an important element that helps us ensure the high quality of our products. Fair treatment and the well-being of our workers and their communities is one of the highest priorities of our companies.


We are very conscious about the preservation of the environment. We have completely eliminated the use of toxicological category I pesticides in our farms. We are increasingly replacing chemical applications with organic alternatives that are safer for our workers and friendlier for the environment. As part of this process we have started producing our own organic products that will progressively replace chemical pesticides. Garbage recycling, proper toxic waste disposal, controlled water consumption and water purification to eliminate chemical residues are permanent processes in our farms.