Simply Great ? ? Garden Roses from Ecuador, which in addition to look fantastic have a smell that when I sit in the office I feel like I’m walking in the garden … a dream
Names of the variety: Mayra pink,
Quiero agradecer por su ayuda
Como siempre quiero hacer una mención especial a la colaboración las 24 horas que nos dieron, de hecho por ese dinamismo pudimos incrementar más cajas sobre la marcha. No nos equivocamos en poner una cantidad tan grande de cajas en sus 3 fincas y nuestros clientes están satisfechos al 100%.
We are really satisfied how we worked with you guys !!!! Almost no cancelations, Not even one claim !
We received even a compliments of a few customers about the quality of your roses !!To be honest ,
Un grand merci pour la qualité des roses.
Tous nos clients ont été très contents et nous n’avons eu aucune réclamation.
C’était parfait, merci.
Continuez comme ça.
You are flexible and supply us with more roses as planned, even in a short time.
The quality of your roses is very good.
Thanks a lot, my compliment to you and your team.
You make a super job and I can always count on you.
The cooperation with you is really fun.
You made all my day 😉
It’s a pleasure to work with you, very good handling and everything, to be honest some EC farms aren’t able to make a good job as you are doing.