We offer premium and certified roses from a socially conscious and eco-friendly rose grower company, aiming for a neutral carbon footprint. Our commitment in the near future is to fulfill 100% of our confirmed orders and to have 0% botrytis flowers.

We cater to your needs

Our roses are known for their long vase life and premium quality but our success is based, on top of our products and processes, on our relationship with our clients. We strive to offer the best pre and post sales customer service, and we always aim to become strategic business partners with our clients instead of simply providers.

Within our workforce, we have created a community where everyone knows the final client’s specifications and works to meet their requirements, wishes and special requests. We customize orders in terms of bouquets, packaging, special messages, cards, fillings or tags (such as including the Fair Trade tags).

Our Environmental Promise

We handle pests with beneficial mites that are grown in plants such as sweet cucumber. Beneficial mites reduce the use of chemicals by 40%, which results in fresher foliage, better hydration and vibrant tones!

Strategic Location: Altitude and Latitude for Rose Production

Our location on the Equator, at the foot of the Cayambe volcano, means Ecuadorian roses receive more hours of natural daylight than roses grown elsewhere. Besides, being grown at 2,800m a.s.l Ponte Tresa roses have longer growing cycles, resulting in roses with longer stems.

Climb the Cayambe Volcano:

Cayambe, 5.790 meters, is the third highest mountain in Ecuador and it is considered to be more difficult to climb than Cotopaxi because the glacier is very active and there are many crevasses, and often very strong winds.

Plaza de Ponchos​

Otavalo is the commercial center of the economically successful Otavaleños, an Indian nation that did everything possible to preserve its own culture. Wander the quiet streets you will undoubtedly see men and women in the most beautiful costumes. Both men and women wear their hair in long braided tails. Saturday is the biggest market in Otavalo and also the busiest day. The market is a great place for tourists to find beautiful handicrafts.

Hacienda Cusin​

Hacienda Cusin is a restored, 17th-century estate at 8.500ft/2.600m in the Ecuadorian sierra. This very personal hotel and its 38 attentive staff and famous gardens are just in front of Rosas del Monte.

Visit the Bizcocho Factory

The area of Cayambe is known for bizcochos (a not very sweet cookie with a particular shape.) Nothing in the factory is mechanized. Some of the bakery workers are up to their elbows mixing dough in a big trough, and others are shaping and cutting the bizcochos one at a time.

Peguche Waterfall

Located in the Peguche community, just a few minutes northwest of Rosas del Monte. Peguche Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall of 18 m in height, formed by the river of the same name, which starts at Lake San Pablo. The waterfall is one of the most important tourist attractions of Otavalo. Because of its proximity and easy access, several tourists and visitors come to the sector to meet and enjoy a unique landscape.

Lago San Pablo

This lago is actually situated in the Provincia de Imbabura, near our farm Rosas del Monte. Just head down the road going out of town towards Otavalo. The lake is beautifully situated at the foot of the Imbabura mountain, and is the home of many of the people you see selling goods at the Saturday market in Otavalo.

We are surrounded by beauty

Ponte Tresa is committed to providing aid for employees, their families and the community. Fully engaged with social awareness and responsibilities, our premium FairTrade funds have been invested on scholarships for student aid, housing credits, micro credits, first need groceries, community health, and training for workers.