Marcus Bustamante
Marcus Bustamante

Meet Marcus, our Sales Manager for USA. He has been in the flower industry for over 12 years and his work speaks for itself. He is a hardworking, loving, caring person and father who goes above and beyond for all his customers.

How was Marcus growing up?

I had a great family 2 brothers and a sister, life in NYC was great I made many friends.

How did you get started in the flower industry?

Started in 1996 because I found an English written add in a Spanish newspaper in Ecuador for an opportunity in sales at a rose farm. I applied got the job and I knew right then and there I found my true calling.

What is your favorite part about being in Ponte Tresa?

One of the most inspiring facts that I found in Ponte Tresa is that everyone involved at the farm level knows who are our customers and what needs to be prepared for each one.

What makes you go above and beyond to satisfy your customers at Ponte Tresa?

The great feeling I get from having a customer satisfied with our quality and service.