Production and management of organic fertilizers

The production of organic fertilizers, such as biol, natural extracts and fruit fertilizers, are techniques that are allowing us to incorporate, by organic means, macro and micronutrients that are easily assimilated by the plant, resulting in energy savings during the photosynthesis process and allowing the formation of defense elements against biological targets.
The improvement of the nutritional and immune complex in the development of biol, is a challenge to overcome with field and laboratory research.
At the moment we are producing good biol rich in nutritional content and organic matter, with a high concentration of nitrate nitrogen, ammonia, and with good quantities of micronutrients, vitamins and hormones.
In reference to the natural extracts, at the moment we are working with garlic-pepper extracts and chamomile. For fruit fertilizers we are starting tests with citrus fruits rich in potassium and vitamins that will be applied to the flower head in order to improve the quality in terms of size and color.