Production of organic fertilizers and beneficial fungi for the soil

High and constant productivity demands high performance in the consumption of soil fertilizers, for which it is necessary to maintain a balance of the available nutrients for the plant.
An organic approach to meet this need is to encourage the increase of microflora and microfauna in the soil, so that by decomposing organic matter, from compost, humus, bocashi or other sources, these microelements will create the necessary nutrients for the plants.
The project involves the incorporation of organic matter on the soil in order to improve the porosity and therefore the aeration, improving the availability of nutrients, increasing the presence of microfauna and microflora, maintaining the soil’s moisture, optimizing the use of water resources, optimizing the use of fertilizers, improving the root growth, promoting a balance between beneficial fungi and fungal pathogens; and, promoting a significant increase in the plant meristematic system.
We began with the implementation of this project in 26 000 m2, at the moment we have achieved to cover an area of 62 000 m2 and our goal is to continue to cover the total area of the farms. The results are seen between the initial 6 weeks, wherein the water retention in the soil is much higher keeping the soil at field capacity for more time using a smaller quantity of irrigation water, the soil structure gains better porosity with a significant increase in microbial activity, as evidenced by the rate of decomposition of organic matter in the field.