The Fair Trade Benefit

Fair Trade sales generate premium funds which are a sum of money paid on top of the agreed Fair Trade price, these resources are managed by the employees and invested in social, environmental or economic development projects, decided upon democratically by the workers.

At Rosas del Monte and Inversiones Ponte Tresa, the workers have developed several initiatives to improve their quality of life as well as to enhance the living conditions of their communities.

Here are some of the implemented projects.

Scholarships for Students

The resources are used to incentivize workers and their families to study and improve their academic skills to have access to more job opportunities.


This project promotes entrepreneurship by the creation of a small family business like agricultural production, animal husbandry, etc., which are a contribution to the household economy.

Health and Prevention

The main objective of this project is to provide medical care to workers and their families through health insurance that was created by the workers’ corporation in order to prevent catastrophic diseases.


The objective is to invest in the intellectual development of the workers, encouraging them to develop skills and knowledge that they can apply in their daily lives and even become a source of extra income by learning new occupations (crafts, electricity, mechanics, etc.).

Housing Credits

High-interest rates and other obstacles created by private financial institutions, make it difficult for our workers to access to credit. For this reason this project provides the opportunity for workers to take a credit and purchase some land for house building or renew the ones they have at the moment. This program has improved the living conditions of 80% of the company workers.

First Need Goods Purchase

The goal is to bring down the purchase price of food and other first need products that are bought at a wholesaler in big quantities, and then distributed among the workers and their families, ensuring that they will always have access to fulfill their alimentation needs.

Community Support

The purpose is to contribute to the development of the community in areas such as education, health, etc., through the participation of several stakeholders such as workers of the corporation, the residents of the community and other private and public organizations

We would like to encourage you to buy Fair Trade certified products, it helps the planet, it helps the people.